Immersive data visualizationAVS/Express MPE

AVS/Express MPE is a powerhouse package that extends the functionality of AVS/Express Developer Edition with 3D stereo immersion.

Life sized data visualization

AVS/Express MPE is a powerhouse package that extends the functionality of AVS/Express with 3D stereo immersion.

Interact with all types of large and complex data using a wide range of immersive technologies with AVS/Express MPE.

AVS/Express MPE offers the most comprehensive suite of data visualization and analysis capabilities available today in multipipe or multi-channel display environment. MPE software is flexible and easy to use, providing a wide range of visualization tools and services for immersive or virtual reality (VR) systems.

Packaged as a high-level toolkit, MPE allows rapid construction and tuning of immersive applications, without involving a detailed understanding of the low-level multi-channel graphics programming. By selecting from a large library of modules, the most appropriate technique can be used during an interactive exploration session.

Designed for all types of analysys

  • Uses industry standard CAVELib API
  • Runs in nearly all immersive display systems
  • Viewer-centered perspective and six degrees-of-freedom
  • Configurable for multiple pipes and/or multiple channels
  • Optional head tracking and wand support
  • Supports single PC or graphics cluster
  • Active and passive stereo support
  • Supports quad-buffering
  • Stereo rendering support
  • Easy migration from standard AVS/Express


  • Runs on Windows and Linux high performance clustered PCs. All the above platforms provide support for display via multiple projectors, large screens or smaller immersive desk stereo systems.
  • AVS/Express applications take full advantage of MPE and become compatible with panoramic theaters, caves or immersive bench systems, as well as stereo display with dynamic head-motion tracking and 6 degree-of-freedom wand control.
  • As a true development environment, stand-alone multipipe applications can be created for distribution.