personal visualization systemMicroAVS

MicroAVS was developed by extracting the key functionalities of AVS/Express, making it into a simple turnkey visualization tool. With MicroAVS, visualization becomes much easier and closer to your needs.

Standard Edition


AVS is the de-facto standard visualization software highly praised among the experts in the various fields of computer visualization.
MicroAVS was developed by extracting the key functionalities of AVS, making it into a simple turnkey visualization tool.
With MicroAVS, visualization becomes much easier and closer to your personal needs.
It's incredibly low priced, yet covers all the essential elements of visualization you'll ever need.

Visualization Of Numerical Data

MicroAVS visualizes numerical data obtained through computations, measurements, etc.. It also allows you to visualize various types of datasets such as CAD and image data.

Presentation With An Impact

MicroAVS allows you to use dynamic appealing techniques such as 3D displays and animations.

Data Animation

Animation is easy and simple. All you need is to click on the mouse.

Combining Different Data Types

MicroAVS combines different data types such as geographical data and graphs, CAD data and computational results, and display them on a single screen. With MicroAVS, all sorts of visualization can be done under a single open environment.

Perfect For Learning 3D Graphics

As MicroAVS widely covers the basic elements of the visualization, it can be used as an education material for the introduction to the computer graphics world.

Your Key To World Wide Web

To utilize your visualization results in the world of internet web, MicroAVS allows you to out put the visualization results in VRML, GIF images, and Java applets.

A Tool for Supporting the File Making

Your data files can be converted into field data format for MicroAVS. A Wizard is prepared for converting thus the operation is easy.

Fast, user-friendly visualizations

Interactive 3D Operations

MicroAVS allows you to interactively rotate and resize the displayed images in 3D by the simple use of the mouse. All the basic 3D graphics capabilities such as semi-transparency, surface property settings, lighting, and attribute changes are covered with MicroAVS.

Automatic Selection of the Valid Visualization Methods

All you need to do is to select the data to be visualized. Visualization Navigator in MicroAVS automatically selects the visualization methods available for that data, and displays them in the form of icons. MicroAVS is easy-to-use for beginners of visualiion.

Visualization Navigator automatically displays the visualization methods available for your data.

Powerful, flexible, scalable

  • Support on 64-bit Windows platforms for arrays over 2 giga-elements.
  • Output to VRML, movie creation and other image formats.
  • Illuminated lines visualization technique (combine stream lines, particle animation and advanced texture display) produces visualizations with full 3D lighting, motion and flow structure.

Professional Edition

Multi Thread (Task)

In dealing with huge data, Multi thread makes the visualization process faster. It is available in iso-surface, iso-volume, Scatter data interpolation, Stream line, particle trace and volume-rendering.


It痴 useful for data inspection. You can visualize one data with different methods and compare the features. Moreover, you can show multiple data with the same visualization functions.

Embedding User-defined Function

Embedding user-defined function enables MicroAVS to perform arithmetic operations on input data. (Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (C/C++) is required.) You can use representative 5 function (*) as below, which are already in MicroAVS.
(*) Coordinate Math, Curl Filter, Magnitude Filter, Divergence Filter, and Gradient Filter. Sample source of filter is available, too.


It's good for monitoring to see whether computational simulation is going well. 溺Aclient enables automatical data-transaction between MicroAVS and simulation program. You can see the visualization at the same time as ongoing-simulation.

Automatical Script-production

Script can be used for batch processing. Professional Edition can automatically generate script command during click operation on MicroAVS.

Other Functions

MicroAVS Portal

MicroAVS Portal brings much higher usability.With the user-friendly interface, MicroAVS Portal is the easy access to License Registration, Configuration, Run by Data Select, File Checker and Tools of every kinds such as ImgToVol etc.

In addition, when users exit MicroAVS, current visualization work is automatically saved as "Application" and listed on the "Start tab page" in MicroAVS Portal. You can restart your work just by double-clicks on the list.

Glyph and Particle Advection can be used as user defined form.

Geometry file, STL, OBJ, FLD, UCD and MD2, can be used in Glyph and Particle Advection. By using user defined form, you can enhance the effect of visualization. MicroAVS can use in "information visualization"

Fly Through Animation

This feature allows a user to move the camera along a timeline route which is created by mouse clicks on base plane in the Fly Through viewer. A user can easily adjust the check point position, look -at point, and passage time using edit menu. The route can be exported as a "VR" file, and this file reproduces the same animation on 3D AVS Player and AVS/Express.

Other Features

  • MicroAVS can read directly Excel Data files as structured field mesh data.
    Note: This function need Excel 2007 or later.
  • A user can creates particle path-line that connects the points in each time steps.
    This lines are helpful to understand time evolution of the flow.
  • A user can set display flag and specific color on each segmented isosurfaces. This segmentation is based on triangle connection of isosurface.
  • USB Gamepad is available to transform 3D object. Joystick operation menu is in [Help] menu on the Display 3D object Window.
  • Animate rotation of a scene around the X, Y or Z axis. This function is useful for making movie or displaying demonstration.
  • Two Curvature Calculation, Gaussian and Mean curvature are now available in iso-surface method and their results can be exposed as a CSV file.
  • UCD file without component now can be read as geometry file.
  • A user can read multiple UCD files as well as UCD and FLD at the same time.
  • A user can adjust opacity, during Key-frame Animation.
  • MicroAVS can read MD2 which can be added texture and animation.
  • MicroAVS can read VTK file, and can be visualized using the component values of VTK.
  • MicroAVS can read SRTM3 data (Convert using the GIS Data Extractor).

System Requirements

OS:Windows 10 /8.1 / 8 / 7
Memory:2GB or more
Graphics:OpenGL (High-speed processing by using OpenGL graphics boards)