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Multiscale.Sim 2023R1 brochure

New release highlights.
Key words:

Multiscale AnalysisVirtual Material TestMoldex3D CouplingRTM SimulationFiller Dispersed Composites

Multiscale.Sim 2022R1 brochure

New release highlights.
Key words:

Multiscale AnalysisVirtual Material TestRocky CouplingDEM CouplingDrucker Prager ModelMoldflow CouplingPowder MaterialsTextileLattice

Multiscale.Sim 2021R2 brochure

Key highlights of the latest release.
Key words:

Multiscale AnalysisVirtual Material TestSpaceClaim MigrationTextile CompositesFiller Dispersed CompositesInjection Molding

Impact Fracture Analysis of Fiber Reinforced Composites (FRP)

Multiscale analysis based on homogenization method using LS-DYNA

・Analytically predict the anisotropic fracture material behavior of composites.
・Evaluate the impact properties of large structures made of composite materials.
・Choose the optimal design using composite materials.

Key words:

Virtual Material TestingLaminated CompositesFracture AnalysisImpact AnalysisExplicitMultiscale Analysis

Compaction Process Analysis for Powder Material Design

Observation of material behavior by virtual material testing and identification of Drucker Prager material properties.
Key words:

Multiscale AnalysisVirtual Material TestNonlinear HomogenizationCompaction ProcessPowder MaterialsDrucker PragerElasto Plastic Homogenization

Multiscale.Sim 2021R1 brochure

2021R1 Release highlights.
Key words:

Multiscale AnalysisSpaceClaimCreepCurve FittingLS-DYNAVirtual Material TestNonlinear HomogenizationElastoplasticViscoelasticGrantaMaterial Database

Materials informatics for data-driven materials design

Multiscale.Sim and Ansys Granta MI coupled solution to realize Materials Informatics for data-driven materials design.
Key words:

Multiscale AnalysisVirtual Material TestLatticeMaterials InformaticsGrantaMaterial Database

Multiscale.Sim 2020R2 brochure

Key words:

Multiscale AnalysisVirtual Material TestLocalization AnalysisDamageElastoplasticCreepInjection MoldingMoldex3DGrantaMaterial Database

Multiscale.Sim Engineering Services brochure

Our vastly experienced engineering team is now at your disposal to solve your complicated materials problems.
・An introduction to 'Multiscale.Sim Services'
・Advantage of virtual material testing
・Types of services offered.
・Sample test cases.
Key words:

Multiscale AnalysisVirtual Material TestComposite MaterialsCross Woven CompositesFiller dipersed compositesMaterials database

Multiscale.Sim 2020R1 & 2020R1.1 brochure

2020R1 and 2020R1.1 release highlights.
Key words:

Multiscale AnalysisVirtual Material TestPiezo ElectricSpaceClaimLattice

Multiscale.Sim General Catalog

Product overview and analysis examples.
Key words:

Multiscale AnalysisHomogenization AnalysisVirtual Material TestComposite MaterialsPorous MaterialsHoneycomb

Estimating the Anisotropic Linear Expansion Constant of Fibrous Composite Materials

Improve PCB Analysis Precision Through Multiscale Analysis.
・Estimate anisotropic linear expansion constant for fibrous composite materials.
・Increase the precision of lifetime prediction in heat cycling of PCBs (FR4 etc).
Key words:

Multiscale AnalysisHomogenization AnalysisComposite MaterialsCFRPCross Woven CompositeThermal Expansion

Multiscale Analysis Using Multiscale.Sim

Reduce calculation cost and improve analysis accuracy through Multiscale Analysis.
・Analyze a model made up of a composite material but the model scale gets too large.
・Simplify the analytical model without dropping analysis accuracy.
・Easily analyze a model made up of a composite material without affecting the accuracy.
・Easily obtain the anisotropic material properties of composite materials.
Key words:

Multiscale AnalysisHomogenization AnalysisLocalization AnalysisHoneycombPerforated Metal

Homogenization Analysis of Filler Decentralized Structure and Thermal Conductivity Characteristics

Composite Material Design Through Numerical Materials Testing.
・Effects of changes in filler packing ratio on material properties.
・Effects of changes in filler shape changes on material properties.
・Perform detailed material design in CAE.
Key words:

Homogenization AnalysisFiller Dispersed CompositePercolation AnalysisBatteryConductive Resin

Nonlinear Structural Analysis with Consideration for
Fiber Orientation of Injection Molded Parts

Multiscale.Sim™ , PlanetsX and Moldex3D Linked Analysis.
・Consider mold history (anisotropy due to fiber orientation) through nonlinear structural analysis of fiber-reinforced resin products
・Find out nonlinear material properties through structural analysis after injection molding analysis
Key words:

Multiscale AnalysisComposite MaterialsShort FiberInjection MoldingPlanetsXMoldex3D

Homogenization Solution Using Multiscale.Sim

Reduce calculation cost and improve calculation accuracy through virtual material testing.
・Do you have this issue? - Parts with large scale ratios are mixed up and the analysis scale becomes too large.
・Simplify the analysis model without dropping analysis accuracy.
・Carry out detailed material design using CAE.
Key words:

Multiscale AnalysisHomogenization AnalysisPCBSolder BumpConductive Adhesive

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