Strategic Partnerships


Advanced Solution Partner (Software Partner)

Multiscale.Sim is a fully integrated add-in tool for the Ansys® Workbench™ environment. It also has a coupling for Ansys Granta™. Equivalent material properties and various microstructure data obtained from multiscale analyses can be registered to Granta MI using this interface.


Software Solution Partner

Moldex3D® is a world-leading CAE software for plastic injection molding analysis. Multiscale.Sim has developed a coupling that makes it possible to use Moldex3D analysis data files in Multiscale.Sim.



At Multiscale.Sim, we understand that your design and simulation workflows span across more than one software during the product development process. We continue to work with some of the world-leading CAE simulation software makers so that our users have the freedom to seamlessly import their analysis data from other platforms into Multiscale.Sim and vice versa.


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