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Whether you are looking for a simple analysis of a test piece, designing whole new composite materials, or supplementing your materials database, we can help you do it. Our vastly experienced team is now ready to support solving your complicated materials problems without expensive experimental campaigns.

To find out more details about our services and sample test cases, download the 'Multiscale.Sim Services' brochure.

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Why outsource your material problem solving to us?

We use our own Multiscale.Sim software which is tested and proven, trusted by more than 100 companies in Japan and other countries for over a decade. Our services team includes engineers and developers who are well versed in multiscale analysis and simulation. You can allocate your internal resources for other tasks while we work on solving your material problems.

There’s a growing necessity to carry out more material tests in order to supplement the gaps in existing materials databases.

We use virtual material testing

In product design through CAE analysis, material properties are always necessary.

  • New materials are being introduced to the market one after another. Some of the reasons behind this being,
    • Social need to reduce global environmental impact. (need for high energy efficiency)
    • Substitution for resource-depleted materials. (rare earth metal etc.)
    • Keep up with the intense competition for product performance.
  • Combining multiple materials to create new material is also extremely effective (Composite Materials)

No additional costs in particular when you carry out virtual material testing. And the more virtual test conditions you consider, the greater the cost savings.

Especially in the case of composite materials, it is necessary to conduct tests in various directions due to their anisotropic characteristics. If the materials have creep or viscoelastic behavior, the test time could be enormous. Virtual material tests can break these barriers.

  • All test conditions can be defined without any special jigs.
  • Long term materials behavior can be measured in a short period of time.

Faster results - faster time to market with Multiscale.Sim virtual material testing services.

What is holding you up from testing and designing your materials?

  • We don’t have the required test equipment.
  • Unable to create desired test conditions with actual test equipment.
  • We want to observe the results inside the test specimen.
  • We want to consider the test results theoretically and use them as a guideline for new material design.

A wide range of test cases

We offer a wide variety of test cases to solve your material testing challenges. These include unique scenarios that are difficult to realize with an actual test, sensitivity analysis, response surface to observe the change of material properties with change of controllable factors to the creation of data for your materials database.

We can create difficult test conditions in a virtual environment and change them freely until desired test results are achieved.

Sensitivity analysis of material control factors

  • We want to know how much material properties change by changing the materials composition.
  • We want to know the factors that have a significant impact on material properties.

There are countless combinations of materials in composites. We can create guidelines for material design by quantifying changes in material properties due to changes in conditions.

For example, we can run a number of virtual material tests by changing controllable factors such as volume fraction of filler dispersed composites or pitch of cross-woven composites and provide sensitivity graphs or response surface.

Are you strapped in front of a testing machine?

Virtual material testing can take care of the whole process automatically. Everything from setting up the test conditions to running the test and processing the results would be done overnight while you sleep and the test results would be ready by the time you wake up and get back to work in the morning.

Struggling to achieve perfect material properties for your product?

The use of composite materials has increased the degree of freedom in material design, so it is no longer possible to conduct analysis using only existing materials databases.

We can repeatedly carry out material tests in a virtual environment by changing controllable test conditions and compile the data into a centralized database. This allows us to effectively utilize all the data to determine appropriate parameters in order to achieve desired material properties for your new product. This service lets you make your materials decisions considering both the real and virtual test results at once. Download the 'Multiscale.Sim Services' brochure for more details.

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We can generate data for your own database or help you find the best materials suited for your new product by exploring world-class material databases integrated with Multiscale.Sim.

What about the cost?

Every analysis case is unique and different from one another. Please tell us more about your specific requirement. We will prepare a customized proposal based on the scope of work.

Your data is safe with us

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