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[Free Webinar]
Material design considering molding history by coupling virtual material testing with molding analysis
11 May 2022, 10:00 CET (17:00 JST)
Speaker: Koji Yamamoto - Technology Specialist & Developer of Multiscale.Sim
Language: English

Hosted by our Channel Partner in Europe, EnginSoft SpA, this webinar is focused on

  • Virtual material testing
  • Multiscale analysis
  • Analysis of Powder materials
  • Composite materials
  • DEM-FEM coupling
Generally, the material properties strongly depend on its molding history. This is due to differences in the microstructure of the material. Typical examples are the fiber orientation distribution in short fiber reinforced composites, void distribution in sintered materials and so on. By combining the techniques for the analytical prediction of microstructure with virtual material testing, it is possible to predict the material behavior taking these effects into account.

Our Technology Specialist, Koji Yamamoto will show some of the latest analysis technologies with examples during this webinar. Register from here

[Live Webinar]
Multiscale Modeling and Characterisation of Composite Materials
March 17th, 2022
10:30 - 11:30 AM India (1:00 - 2:00 PM Malaysia)

A live webinar organized by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and TechNovuus in collaboration with DHIO Research & Engineering Pvt Ltd., Multiscale.Sim Channel Partner for India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Register from here or scan the QR code below.

[Automotive Webinar]
Automotive Technology Webinars for Weight Reduction
8-11 February, 2022

Registrations are now open for SHIMADZU Automotive Technology Webinars for Weight Reduction. CYBERNET Multiscale.Sim will deliver a Special Invited Lecture as a part of the Weight Reduction Using Composite Materials, Basic Course.

Available dates:
8 February 2022, 13:00 IST & 9 February 2022, 13:00 IST
10 February 2022, 13:00 EST & 11 February 2022, 13:00 EST

Read more about all the webinars in this series and Register from here.

[Free Webinar]
Virtual modeling and testing of composite materials using Ansys Mechanical and Multiscale.Sim.
16 December 2021, 11:00 India (13:30 Malaysia, 14:30 Japan)

Language: English
Join this global webinar with live Q&A. Brought to you by DHIO Research, India, our partner in South Asia.

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[International Conference]
The 6th International Conference on Sustainable Mobility (ICSM), 2021
7-8 December, 2021, MIROS, KAJANG, MALAYSIA

CYBERNET SYSTEMS MALAYSIA SDN. BHD, our partner for ASEAN is attending the ICSM 2021. They will also deliver a Multiscale.Sim technical presentation on 8th December, during the Conference Session III from 11:00AM - 1:00PM Malaysia Time, titled, "Fusion of Actual Measurement and Homogenization Analysis". More details are on the Event page.

[Hybrid Event]
37th International CAE Conference and Exhibition
17-19 November 2021, Vicenza, Italy

Visit our Virtual Booth to connect, chat or schedule a meeting with the experts of Multiscale.Sim. Also get access to the latest product updates and technical contents all in one place.

Register from here

[Virtual Event]
Ansys Material Intelligence Day 2021
Available On-demand

Multiscale.Sim took part in the Ansys MI Day 2021. Find out why Multiscale.Sim and Ansys Granta MI are better together. Access is available On-demand for a limited period of time.

Register from here

[International Conference - Hybrid Event]
8th Asian Particle Technology Symposium 2021
11-14 October 2021, Osaka, Japan

Visit the CYBERNET booth (Booth no. 11) at the 8th Asian Particle Technology Symposium held in Osaka, Japan. Join our presentation either on-site or online.

Multiscale.Sim technical session:

Prediction of macroscopic mechanical properties for granular microstructure based on virtual material testing.
October 11, 2021, 10:15 JST, Hall C
Speaker: Koji Yamamoto - Developer & Technology Specialist
Language: English
Visit the official event page for more details.

[Free Webinar] Designing 3D printed materials based on virtual material testing
6 October 2021, 14:00 CET (21:00 JST)
Speaker: Koji Yamamoto - Developer & Technology Specialist
Language: English

To design complicated composite materials, it is recommended to use virtual material tests and a data science approach that effectively utilizes the big material database obtained through those tests. In this presentation, we will introduce and demonstrate how to realize this goal by using a Multiscale.Sim and Ansys Granta MI coupled solution.

More details and registration on the Official webinar page.

[Free Webinar] A Faster Way to Develop and Optimize Materials
20 July 2021, 3 AM EDT (4 PM JST)
Language: English

During this global webinar organized in collaboration with Ansys Materials, we will discuss and demonstrate how to develop and optimize materials faster through virtual materials testing by combining FEM-derived material properties from Multiscale.Sim within Ansys Workbench with Ansys Granta MI’s material information management system.

For registration and more details, visit Ansys Events.

[Virtual Event] Ansys Simulation World
20-22 April 2021 (booths go-live on 12 April)

Visit CYBERNET virtual booth featuring Multiscale.Sim during the live event and get a 30% discount coupon for Ansys Store*

More details and registration on the Official event page.

[Free Webinar] Introduction to Multiscale Extension for Ansys Workbench
25 March 2021, 14:00 CET (22:00 JST)
Speaker:Koji Yamamoto - Developer & Technology Specialist

Find out how to improve efficiency in your material design work based on virtual material testing. This webinar is hosted by EnginSoft SpA, our trusted partner in Europe.

Request a link to watch the recording.

[Virtual Event] International CAE Conference and Exhibition
30 November - 4 December 2020

Visit our video chat enabled virtual booth, "Multiscale Analysis for Composite Materials by CYBERNET". This event is organized by our trusted partner EnginSoft SpA.

Watch the breakout presentation on CYBERNET YouTube Channel.

[Free Webinar] Introduction to Multiscale.Sim for Material Design Analysis
17 September 2020, 14:00-15:00 (UTC+08)

Presented by CYBERNET SYSTEMS MALAYSIA SDN.BHD. This is an introductory webinar including functional overview of Multiscale.Sim, case study, product demonstration and Q&A. CYBERNET SYSTEMS MALAYSIA is our trusted partner for ASEAN region.

Download webinar material from Cybernet Malaysia website

Designing Composite Materials using Multiscale.Sim for Ansys Mechanical
26 May 2020 - 11:00 AM EDT

Join us for this free webinar that spotlights exciting features offered by Multiscale.Sim to overcome your day to day material design and simulation challenges, providing high-performance productivity for Workbench users. Panel consist of Multiscale.Sim developers and Ansys engineers.

Watch the recording on Ansys Resource Library

Analysis of a Lattice Structure Using Multiscale.Sim

Multiscale.Sim is a multiscale add-in simulation tool that gives you anisotropic, macroscopic material constants of composite materials without physical testing. View this on-demand webinar to get an overview of multiscale analysis based on the homogenization technique, and see a demonstration of multiscale analysis to obtain the material properties of lattice structures. Learn how to design a lattice structure efficiently by combining this multiscale technique with Ansys lattice optimization analysis.

Watch the recording on Ansys Resource Library


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