About Multiscale.Sim

Product Outline

Multiscale.Sim is a customized product that based on the multi-physics analysis tool "Ansys," and provides the equivalent property values as the homogenization method that is based on the numerical material test. Also, it provides the multi-scale analysis feature that is required for micro/macro structure linking analysis such as the macro model analysis to the localized analysis.

Material property values are calculated by numerical material test of micro structure without material tests that were required conventionally, by utilizing Multiscale.Sim. The results enable prediction of the macroscopic behavior by the macro structural analysis. Further, it is possible to predict the microscopic behavior by going back to the micro structure analysis again.

Multiscale Analysis flow

  1. Create a Micro Model
    Create a micro model using 3D CAD or Ansys DesignModeler for numerical material test.
  2. Homogenization Analysis
    After mesh generation and entering the boundary conditions in Ansys, perform numerical material test and then calculate the equivalent property value such as elasticity modulus.
  3. Macro Structure Analysis (*figure shows a printed circuit board model)
    Apply the equivalent property value output from the homogenization analysis results as a material property of the macro model, then perform verification and analysis of macro model repeatedly.
  4. Localization Analysis
    Verify the behavior of the local area by selecting the element selected to be localized from the macro analysis results and perform a localization analysis using the strain of that localized area as condition.

Analysis Features

Linear Version

    Linear version can perform following analysis based on homogenization method.
  • Elastic Analysis : Elastic modulus, Poisson's ratio, Shear elastic modulus, Linear expansion coefficient, Density
  • Heat Transfer Analysis : Thermal conductivity, Specific heat
  • Penetration Analysis : Permeability for Darcy's law
  • Electric Current Analysis : Electrical resistivity
  • Electric Field Analysis : Specific permittivity
  • Magnetic Field Analysis : Specific magnetic permeability

Non-linear Version

    Non-linear version can perform following analysis in addition to the above.
  • Homogenization Analysis (numerical material test) : Elasto-plasticity, Creep, Hyper-elastic, viscoelastic
  • Homogenization Analysis (physical properties identified) : Elasto-plasticity, Creep, Hyper-elastic, viscoelastic
  • Localization : geometric non-linear, non-linear material (Elasto-plasticity, Creep, Hyper-elastic, viscoelastic)

Development and Sales Framework

CAE tool "Multiscale.Sim" uses the homogenization method which is one method of multi-scale modeling, and is jointly developed by three companies, Cybernet Systems Co.,Ltd., Nitto Boseki Co.,Ltd., and Quint Corporation by receiving cooperation from Professor Kenjiro Terada of Tohoku University. The official release date was June 25, 2007.

Further Development

Currently, we are developing in collaboration with companies involved to cope with multi-scale analysis of the following non-linear material. Please contact us using theContact Uspage for the release timing of non-linear version.

  • Damage model

License / operating environment

  • Windows 10, Linux (License Manager only)
  • Ansys Workbench environment, Ansys Mechanical APDL(Previous Classic) environment
  • The following licenses of Ansys are Supported(※)
  • If the product is an Ansys Academic version, the analysis scale depends on the mesh scale that is available on the product that you have.

License Configuration and Required Each Analysis Features

  Mechanical Pro Mechanical
Elastic Coefficient
Thermal Conductivity
Coefficient of Linear Expansion
Permeability Coefficient ○(*1) ○(*1) ○(*1)
Specific Heat
Permittivity × ×
Magnetic Permeability × ×
Electrical Resistivity × ×
Numerical Material Test Elasto-plasticity ×
Hyper-Elastic ×
Viscoelastic × ×
Creep × ×
Piezo-Electric × ×
Localized Linear
Geometric Non-linear × ×
Non-linear Material × ×
Homogenization Elasto-plasticity × ×
Hyper-elastic × ×
Viscoelastic × ×
Creep × ×
Bold blue is possible feature in Ansys Mechanical APDL environment (Previous Classic) also Workbench environment.
*1 : Localization Analysis is not supported.


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