CMAS 2.2 Release Information

CMAS 2.2 has been released in October 2010.
In this version, super-elastic analysis features of localization and homogenization have been newly added to the non-linear version.

【CMAS 2.2: Storage location】
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CMAS 2.2: Release Highlights

Localization/Homogenization Analysis (physical properties identified) with Super-elastic (non-linear version)

Super-elastic analysis feature has been added in Localization/Homogenization Analysis.
Example: Super-elastic multi-scale analysis of tire

Contact element of numerical material test is now supported

It is now possible to support numerical material test including contact elements.
Functional Overview: Figure 1 shows the area which is in a state of small irregularities or very thin adhesives are present at the material interface. Sliding may occur because of an external force and interfere with the transfer of the current and heat at these areas. In this case, it is possible to consider the impact on the product by using the new features.

※However, precautious must be taken in non-linear structural analysis.
When making a tensile test with stress s1 as load, influence of the interface will be reduced when irregularities of the surface are smashed and compression works in many directions (that is, it slips easily) as the reason. Therefore, macro structural analysis cannot be performed in Ansys since it does not have the material model that can express such properties. Hence, only the numerical material test can consider the interface basically.


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