[PlanetsX]Main Features

Main Features

  • Our originally developed high-end solver “PLANETS”, which does dedicated injection molding analysis, now works as a plug-in to Ansys Workbench.
  • PlanetsX can be used essentially as functions of Workbench in all steps for example, Mesh Generation and Pre/Post Processing.
  • Customized development provides analysis setting for molding conditions as a plug-in.
  • Polymer Flow-Injection Analysis (hereafter called Flow Analysis) includes holding-pressure and cooling phases.
  • Provides structural deformation and Warp Analysis by coordinating it with Ansys Workbench Static Structural.


(Import Model/Mesh Generation)

Provides extensive functionality of Workbench, such as mesh generation and CAD interface.

Provides extensive functionality of post-processing on Ansys Workbench Mechanical.

Setup for Analysis

Project setup
Create project Flow Analysis easily with drag and drop.

Injection molding conditions setup
Easy settings specific for Flow Analysis.

Analysis coordination with Static Structural setup
Analyses coordination settings on the project schematic.

Various Analysis Results

  • Flow pattern
  • Volume of fluid
  • Pressure distribution
  • Temperature distribution
  • Velocity distribution
  • Volume shrinkage distribution
  • Warpage deformation
  • Load deformation

Flow pattern

Volume of fluid

Volume shrinkage distribution

Warpage deformation

Deformation under load post Warp Analysis


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