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Multiscale.Sim 2022R2 Release Notes

2. New tool for curve fitting by isotropic visco elastic model

A dedicated tool for fitting material constants for isotropic viscoelasticity has been implemented. The shift function and Prony series of material properties can be identified from the results of an DMA test at several temperature levels. The advanced optimisation analysis method developed by the Hirayama Laboratory at Nihon University enables robust curve-fitting results to be obtained without the need for special know-how.

Figure 1. Identification material constants of isotropic visco elastic model

Please refer to the following help from windows program list for the detail of this tool.
Ansys 2022 R2 > Multiscale.Sim curvefitting for visco elastic

3. Templates for model creation

3.1. Short fiber dispersion model based on fiber orientation tensor.

The randomness of fiber orientation in short fiber dispersion models can now be specified using an orientation tensor. This allows micro-models to be created with direct reference to the output information of common resin flow analysis tools.

3.2. Unidirectional composite consisting voids in the resin(β).

Unidirectional composite consisting voids in the resin can be created based on the size distribution and number of voids. This feature is created to map the material properties depending on the porosity rate obtained from resin transfer molding.

Figure 2. Unidirectional composite model consisting voids in the resin.

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