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Study of Hydrogen Diffusion in the Microstructure of a Nickel Alloy and its Correlation with Hydrogen Embrittlement

  • Published: February 2024
  • Michele De Giosa, Università del Salento, Italy


Hydrogen embrittlement is a critical phenomenon that significantly affects the structural integrity of metallic materials. This process can compromise the strength and durability of crucial components in various industrial sectors, including the oil and gas, automotive, and aerospace industries. Hydrogen embrittlement occurs when hydrogen infiltrates metallic materials, leading to a decrease in their mechanical properties.

In this thesis, we will closely examine the issue of hydrogen embrittlement, its causes, the mechanisms of hydrogen diffusion in metallic materials, and mitigation strategies.

Fig: Schematic plots of the dependance of embrittlement index on a) hydrogen pressure, b) temperature, c) strain rate and d) hardness
−EI = X−XH X , where X can be some measured mechanical property, i.e. elongation, before fracture


  • Introduction - Hydrogen Embrittlement: Causes, Mechanisms, and Mitigation Strategies
  • Mechanisms of Hydrogen Embrittlement
  • Hydrogen Transport and Trapping
  • The Role of Alloying Elements in the Design of Nickel-Base Superalloys Mathematical Modelling
  • Research
  • Structure’s Homogenization Phase
  • Hydrogen Diffusion Process
  • Hydrogen Diffusion Analysis with Temporal Variations and Different Loads
  • Total Heat Flux Analysis
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Download the full reserch report.

This is an accademic research dissertation in metallic materials for aeronautics, originally submitted to the Università del Salento in 2023 and subsequestly published by CYBERNET on a special approval granted by the university via author.

During this reserch, Multiscale.Sim was used for the material homogenization and the characterization process of homogenized anisotropic elastoplastic behavior (Numerical Materials Test).

Multiscale.Sim provides a number of templates for creating materials micro-structure and to perform comprehensive materials homogenization. Its Numerical Materials Test enables reserchers, especially the accademics, to avoid expensive, time consuming physical tests. Multiscale.Sim University license offers all the features without any restrictions.

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