Optimizing gate location

Analysis Outline

Purpose and description

Flow patterns in injection molding may vary depending on the gate location. If the gate is poorly located, it may cause filling balance problems which can lead to warping (deformation). Therefore it is important to optimize filling balance by analyzing flow pattern and pressure distribution.
Additionally, appearance defects called weld lines can form when two flow fronts come together. If these weld lines are apparent in highly visible areas of the piece or important parts of the design, it may result in reduction of product value or strength. In such cases, the filling pattern needs to be modified so that weld lines are less apparent or do not affect product strength. This section compares two gate locations to optimize filling balance and determine the location of weld lines.

Optimizing gate location

Explanation: To identify the optimal gate location to ensure good filling balance and so weld lines will not cause appearance defects or reduction in strength.

Analysis results

Flow patterns for two different gate configurations

Resin pressure distribution

Filling balance is evaluated based on pressure balance during the filling process. Lower bias in pressure.

Weld lines

Weld line locations (two flow fronts come together) are evaluated, and visualized to check if they appear in highly visible locations.

Features of optimizing gate location

  • Feature 1
    Filling balance can be improved by checking flow patterns for different gate locations
  • Feature 2
    Pressure balance can be improved
  • Feature 3
    Weld line locations can be ascertained. Appearance defects and reduction in strength can be prevented in advance

Steps of analysis

Provides extensive functionality of Workbench, such as mesh generation and CAD interface.

Easy settings specific for Polymer Flow-Injection Analysis

Extensive display features offered by Workbench, including contour graphics and animations.

Associated Case Analysis

Melt front
Resin flow in the mold

Evaluation of weld lines and air-traps

Changes in injection pressure over time

System requirements

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