Warp Analysis in injection molding

Introducing running a Warp Analysis using the thermal strain results from a Polymer Flow-Injection Analysis ultimately to evaluate displacement and stress in the model structure.

Analysis model

1. Polymer Flow-Injection Analysis

APolymer Flow-Injection Analysis (hereafter called Flow Analysis) is operated in Ansys Workbench.
PlanetsX provides extensive functionality of Workbench, such as mesh generation and CAD interface. Configuration items window provides for easy Flow Analysis settings.

Temperature distribution at injection-completed

Configuration items

2. Structure-linked Analysis

The shrinkage determined by 1. Polymer Flow-Injection Analysis, will be used as the initial strain of Structural Analysis. Setup of Structure-linked Analysis with Flow Analysis is accomplished easily with drag and drop.

Warp Analysis is performed in Static Structural solver of Ansys.

3. Analysis result

Repeat the case study of molding conditions then find optimal conditions resulting in less warpage. At post-processing, extensive display features offered by Workbench, including contour graphics and animations.

Structural Analysis results: Deformed shape of the final model


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