CMAS 4.0 Release Information

CMAS 4.0 has been released in September 2012.
In this version, creep feature with homogenization analysis (physical properties identified) has been newly added to the non-linear version.

【CMAS 4.0: Storage location】
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*SP1 supports Ansys14.5

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Press Releases: September 14, 2012
Sales information of multi-scale CAE tools “CMAS” version 4.0.
Supports all major non-linear material properties.
Simulation that incorporates most advanced composite materials is now possible!

CMAS 4.0: Release Highlights

Non-linear version: Creep feature with homogenization analysis (physical properties identified)

The ability to identify the material properties of the creep based on the results of creep test material have been newly added to the non-linear version. A material that is various non-homogeneous can be an analysis object since creep material constitutive law that can consider the anisotropy is implemented. In Ansys, material constitutive law based on the Hill potential has been implemented in order to represent the material behavior of anisotropic creep. However, the function to determine (called identification) the material property value from the material test data is not implemented. In CMAS4.0, it provides an environment to run all of the flow series from the acquisition of material test data to material property value identified. The environment of curve fitting allows high precision and easily implementation without having special technical knowledge for the physical properties identified with the use of a particle swarm optimization (PSO)* which is the latest optimization algorithm.

Analysis Example: Homogenization analysis of composite material of oriented fiber and resin

※Introduced in the"Manufacturing News of CAE"issue No. 17, October 2012 (Japanese only).


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