CMAS 2.1 Release Information

CMAS 2.1 has been released in June 2010. In this version, numerical material test feature for viscoelasticity has been newly added to the non-linear version. In addition, both linear and non-linear versions support Ansys version12.1 and Windows7.

【CMAS 2.1: Storage location】
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CMAS 2.1: Release Highlights

Operating Environment (Linear/Non-linear version)

  • Windows 7
  • Ansys 12.1

Customized Feature (Linear/Non-linear version)

It is now possible to use the APDL (Ansys Parametric Design Language) that is a macro processing language of Ansys original within CMAS. Efficiency through automation of work is possible by using this command which enables batch processing.

Numerical Material Test: Viscoelastic (Non-linear version)

It is possible to analyze the elastic-plastic, creep, super-elastic, and viscoelastic under all circumstances by viscoelasticity, which has been newly applied to the numerical material test.

Analysis Example: Viscoelastic Numerical Material Test


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