Multiscale.Sim 2021R2 Release Notes

1. Ansys 2021R2 Support

Multiscale.Sim is now compatible with Ansys Workbench 2021R2.

2. Micro model Creation Template

2.1. General purpose textile model

Microscopic models of woven composites can now be created by specifying arbitrary weave patterns.

Fig.1 Overview of the template for general purpose textile model.

2.2. Improving performance to create ellipsoidal filler dispersed composites.

The performance of the template for creating micro-models with dispersed ellipsoidal particles has been greatly improved. This allows models to be created in a shorter time, and models with relatively high volume content can now be modeled in a realistic amount of time.

2.3. Cross woven model by SpaceClaim

Microscopic models of cross woven composites which had been embedded in DesignModeler can be create by SpaceClaim GUI. However, it is not possible to have the thickness calculated from the volume content of the fibers. The thickness must be specified manually.

3. Coupling for resin flow molding analysis

Elastic constants can now be mapped based on the fiber orientation ratio obtained from Moldex3D.


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