CMAS 2020R1

1. Support for Ansys 2020R1

Multiscale.Sim now officially supports Ansys Workbench 2020 R1 and Ansys Mechanical 2020 R1.

2. Numerical material testing that take piezo-electric properties into consideration

Numerical material tests that take piezo-electric properties into consideration can now be performed on micro models. Efficient work concerning piezo-electric behavior is possible by combining with the piezo-electric analysis tool Perzo Pro developed by CYBERNET.

The two new functions below will be released as β versions.

3. Micro model creation function in SpaceClaim (β function)

Some of the micro model creation templates previously implemented in DesignModeler have now been ported to SpaceClaim. In this version, it is now possible to create the five micro models below.

  • Unidirectional material model
  • Short fiber dispersion model
  • Single particle dispersion model
  • Multi-particle dispersion model
  • Honeycomb model

4. Numerical material testing using Workbench LS-DYNA (β function)

It is now possible to perform explicit numerical material testing using Workbench LS-DYNA. It is also possible to perform analysis using any combination of material models that LS-DYNA has.


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