Development of non-coupling multiscale analysis system for strain rate dependent material

  • Published: May 2012
  • Society / Journal Name:Presented paper of 17th Conference on the Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science


The number of material models that can represent the anisotropy of creep characteristics are not as numerous as there are for elastic-plastic. Among them, the material model which is an extension of the creep characteristics to the Hill Constitutive Law of anisotropic elastic-plastic has been implemented as a standard feature in Ansys.

However, the curve fitting feature to identify the material constants from the material test results were not implemented, also there was not much literature that described in detail theoretical background of the material constitutive equation. Thus, the previous version was said to be not easy to use. We have developed a feature to identify a material property value of the Hill anisotropic creep by customization of the optimization algorithm with user subroutine.

In this paper, we introduce the overview of the features and its theoretical background.

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