PlanetsX EN

Injection Molding CAE system for Ansys Workbench


Injection Molding CAE system
for Ansys Workbench (PlanetsX)

"PlanetsX" is a tool that works with the multi-physics analysis program "Ansys" simulation system. It works specifically with the comprehensive environmental system "Ansys Workbench", making it very easy to operate for beginners of plastic injection molding simulation.

"PlanetsX" provides consistent analysis of plastic injection molding combining warp simulations with flow history on linear structural simulations.

PlanetsX is recommended for:

  • Those new to injection modeling simulation.
  • Those who want better structural analysis of plastic products utilizing flow history.

Why consider flow history for structural analysis?
Considering flow history will reveal the structural strength.

Material characteristics are often thought to be uniform in the structural analysis of plastic products. The reality is that material characteristics caused by the injection molding process may have variances causing defects. Typical molding defects include flow marks, silver streaks and sink marks. These variances impact the strength of the final molded product. To seek them, structural analysis including injection molding simulation is necessary.

Main features

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Detailed features

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System requirements

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