[Multi-scale CAE tool for supporting material design]CMAS

CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. has offered a variety of service and sales of ANSYS for over 20 years, and has been providing various analysis solutions based on analysis techniques that have been developed over many years. In recent years, the need for multi-scale analysis using homogenization method as an effective technique for material design/development is growing. Accordingly, we have developed customized products based on ANSYS for multi-scale analysis that allows the linking of macro structure and micro structure analysis as a solution. In the future, we will continue to co-develop with companies to extend the analysis object to nonlinear material in addition to linear material and we are going to introduce developments on this in a timely manner.

Multiscale CAE system "CMAS"

CMAS is a CAE tool for multi-scale analysis that is developed by using the customized language of the multi-physics analysis tool ANSYS. CMAS provides the analysis systems that are needed for multi-scale analysis, such as macro structure analysis, localization (micro structure) analysis, and numerical material test of micro structure by the homogenization method. CMAS uses standard features of ANSYS that has a track record for many years of service as an analysis engine for mesh creation and solver. Please note that a contract of conjunction with ANSYS products for this product is required since it is an add-on product to ANSYS if you do not hold any ANSYS product licenses.


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