Mathematic Applications from the Aspect of Science and Engineering
(理工学から見た数学の活用) 〜ISSAC 2014併設 Kobe Computing Week Workshop〜

サイバネットは、7月神戸大学開催のISSAC 2014 の公式スポンサーです。Maple 製品開発元Maplesoft 社と共に、スポンサード・ワークショップを実施、また展示ブースにも出展します。
※ ISSAC 2014 開催日(2014年7月23日(水) 〜 25日(金))と異なりますのでご注意下さい 


日時(Date) 2014年7月21日(月) 13:00〜16:30
July 21st, 2014, 13:00〜16:30
会場(Venue) 神戸大学(六甲台第2キャンパス)瀧川記念学術交流会館 2F 大会議室
2nd Floor of Takikawa Memorial Hall, Rokkodai Campus of Kobe University
言語(Language) 講演によって異なる(日本語, または英語)
※ 講演資料はすべて英語です
English or Japanese
申込み(How to join us) 不要:直接会場にお越し下さい
Advanced reservation is NOT required
講演資料 (Presentation Materials) 当日の配付資料はありません。
If you need the materials, please apply from the button below. Materials will be downloaded from our web site and we will send the URL to the registrants.


ISSAC 2014 内 展示ブース (Booth at ISAAC 2014)

Maple, 及びMapleSimの展示、デモンストレーションを行います。2014年7月23日(水) 〜 25日(金)
We show you some demonstrations of Maple and MapleSim at the booth.
You can see the latest information about the time and venue in ISSAC 2014 site.


Greetings by Maplesoft & Cybernet
Tetsu Yamaguchi, Executive Vice President,
Technical Marketing, Maplesoft
Dr. Toshiyuki Ohtsuka,
Department of Systems Science, Kyoto University
14:10-14:20 Break
Shinichi Ishizuka, CTO,
Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.
Dr. Juergen Gerhard,
Director of Research, Maplesoft
15:50-16:00 Break
Takashi Iwagaya, Group Manager,
Products Planning Development Department, Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.


Keynote Speech Mathematical Tools in Systems and Control Theory

Dr. Toshiyuki Ohtsuka,
Department of Systems Science, Kyoto University

The aim of this talk is to give an overview of various mathematical tools in systems and control theory. Systems and control theory is a field of academic study on analysis and control of dynamical systems and has been keeping on evolving by exploiting mathematics to formulate and solve such problems as stability analysis, state feedback design, optimal control, state estimation, and so on. In particular, we focus our discussion on optimal control of nonlinear systems, which has been one of central problems in systems and control theory for more than sixty years. Recent progresses in solution methods of nonlinear optimal control problems include real-time numerical optimization algorithms and algebraic approaches for constructing implicit function representations of optimal state feedback laws.

Technical Speech1 Model-free Adaptive Control using Stochastic Approach
- Aiming to control useful in practice -

Shinichi Ishizuka, CTO,
Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.

Control theory dawned with a mathematical power. In the control design world which has to solve the real problems such as the so-called robust control and modern control, the role played mathematics big. However, techniques have been developed in recent years can not be said that there is practical. In this presentation, I will introduce our study with the aim of control design useful in practice using stochastic approach.

Technical Speech2 Advanced mathematical computations in Maple and applications

Dr. Juergen Gerhard,
Director of Research, Maplesoft

The talk will discuss a few areas of research in symbolic computation, including limits of bivariate functions at an isolated singularity, parametric polynomial system solving, and index reduction for differential algebraic equations. For each example, it will be demonstrated how Maple can be used to answer such research questions, using application examples, e.g., from control theory and dynamic system simulation.

Technical Speech3 Symbolic-Algebraic method in Industrial Applications

Takashi Iwagaya, Group Manager,
Products Planning Development Department, Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.

Model-Based-Development (MBD) is introduced into the industrial manufacturers, especially for automotive area, to meet more advanced and complicated specifications efficiently. In this session, we will talk about the purpose of using Symbolic-Algebraic method for MBD, mainly the physical modeling and code generation, with Maple and MapleSim.

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