free 3D DICOM viewerINTAGE Realia

INTAGE Realia is free 3D DICOM viewer.
Following is the tip of ability of INTAGE Realia.

  • Real time volume rendering
  • Automatic segmentation
  • Virtual Endoscopy
  • High image quality
  • Easy to use interface ...

User's Guide

Online Tutorial Course

You can do everything in the videos with these sample data.

Lesson 1 MRI brain data with contrast media.
sample DICOM data 01 (7MB,zip)
Real-time intra cranial observation.
No shading volume rendering.
Lower opacity gives depth impression in the cut plane.
Whole brain extraction.
Tumor volume measurement.
This data has taken with fat suppression, so it is easy to extract.
Lesson 2 CT AAA data with contrast media.
sample DICOM data 02 (40MB,zip)
Virtual endoscopy operation.
LMB drag : move forward, RMB drag : camera orientation, Wheel : speed
In this preset calcification appears as white object. See opacity graph.
Aorta extraction.
First, remove what you do not want.
Next, extract what you want.
Limit loading slices for memory saving.
Rendering speed is also improved.
And you can sort images via "Image List" button in the Browser menu.
Virtual endoscopy in the high intensity region.
Reverse opacity makes aorta hollow.
Non-shading 3D MPR.
Shift + RMB click you will find "No shading" switch.
Lesson 3 MRangio data.
sample DICOM data 03 (17MB,zip)
Semi-automatic fat removal.
When region growing extraction, dilation is automatically applied.
You can change dilation or erosion parameter, click edit button.
Visualize anterior choroidal artery.
Thin artery with low intensity can be seen lower threshold, so you must mask surround region.
Lesson 4 CT stomach expaned with the air.
sample DICOM data 04 (34MB,zip)
Virtual endoscopy in the low intensity region.
Preset keeps infomation of opacity,color,view mode(VR,VE,MIP..),camera orientation,magnification,resolution,mask region.
Making volume player file.
( Reaia2011_English -> system -> IVP -> IntageVP.exe )
By using volume player, everyone who has windowsPC can share same 3D data simulation.
See users guide page in detail.
Lesson 5 CT broncho data.
sample DICOM data 05 (62MB,zip)
Realistic broncho preset.
Next,virtual endoscopy in the low intensity region.
Lung extraction.
You can export and import colormap (preset) , see "File" menu.