Message from CEO

Dear Shareholders and Members of the Investment Community,

Ever since its founding, CYBERNET SYSTEMS has supported the manufacturing pursued by its customers through CAE Solutions and IT Solutions, the Company's pillars of operations. The world of manufacturing is beset with perpetual needs for higher quality, reduced development terms, and cutting back development costs. CAE solutions are widely recognized to serve a large role in addressing and meeting these needs. As a leading CAE solutions company, CYBERNET aims to become the most trusted partner of its customers, and to provide high-quality solutions and services.

Cybernet is not just continuing conventional distribution business but it is addressing self-developed product business and expansion of service business. We are aiming further growth and expanding revenue as well as realizing its corporate vision, “First Contact Company", when customers who need help will contact us first. Cybernet is setting its goal to become the inspirational company by providing trust and reassurance to customers as well as adding much value to our products and service than we are expected by customers, with practicing our corporate message, "Our passion supporting your passion to create" with all Cybernet’s directors and employees. We are refining CAE total solution under the corporate brand strategy, and supporting not only “MONOZUKURI"(manufacturing) but promoting “HITOZUKURI"(cultivation of human resources for manufacturing).

In recent years, interest has increasingly been drawn towards corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. CYBERNET will continue its highly transparent management under the auspices of its corporate philosophy: "We will contribute to the advancement of our customers and society by providing solutions that generate high satisfaction through enhanced value-added and high-quality services." We intend to accomplish our contribution to society through our main businesses of CAE Solutions and IT Solutions, to advance our growth continually, and to improve our corporate value.

We ask our shareholders and members of the investment community for your continued support and patronage.

Kuniaki Tanaka
Kuniaki Tanaka
President & CEO