Our Strengths and Advantages

We introduce the strengths of CYBERNET SYSTEMS in this section.

Over 20 years' experience as a CAE specialist

To address customers' problems related to applications and engineering, CYBERNET SYSTEMS provides solutions based on its numerous application examples gained from its over 20 years of experience. Through such endeavors, we are a supporter of manufacturing by contributing through such application examples to the uncovering of new application fields.

Over 50 types of wide-ranging software from over 20 world-renowned companies

By using a variety of established and trusted software, we are a total CAE solution provider that offers a one-stop shop for resolving and providing proposals to addressing our customers' problems.

A diverse customer base not dependent on specific industries or clients

CYBERNET SYSTEMS has stable operations underpinned by a track record of deployment at approximately 2,000 companies and 500 educational institutions and government research organizations.

Overseas information channels and domestic alliances

Our business history spanning more than two decades has given us the overseas information channels that allowed us to deploy a substantial number of leading software titles from outside Japan. We are also able to sell our own software in overseas markets and have become a company with over 50 business partners in Japan.

Sound finances

Debt-free and with 18 years of profitable operations, CYBERNET SYSTEMS is a company with strong management performance indicators, even compared with other IT companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.