Management Policy

Basic Management Policies

Since Japan aims to be a technology- and manufacturing-oriented country, Japanese companies, especially manufacturers, are becoming increasingly globalized and have made every effort to introduce advanced technologies, develop new technologies and improve business efficiency to survive amid intensifying competition. This is because the key to success is to supply high-quality and value-added products to the markets, at low development costs and with short lead time.

The CYBERNET SYSTEMS Group has consistently provided them with leading-edge solutions in the technological calculation and engineering areas.
The Group will keep its position as a leading company in the CAE area and continue to make the utmost effort to contribute to the realization of a more creative and affluent society by passionately supporting the manufacturing of goods, “Monozukuri", in Japan with corporate slogan, “Energy for your Innovation".

The Group has the vision “First Contact Company", which is an ideal relationship that our customers will contact the Group FIRST when they have some troubles and/or need some helps. The Group also aims to become "the brand of choice" that can create further corporate value based on the following basic policies.

  1. Improving customer satisfaction
  2. Continuous growth based on existing leader product focusing on CAE solutions
  3. Developing new solutions
  4. Extending service business of analysis, development and consulting
  5. Conducting training programs for CAE engineers
  6. Selling group products and solutions globally
  7. Improving our corporate brand value
  8. Improving business efficiency by promoting IT technology internally
  9. Full compliance
  10. Personnel development

Targeted Management Indicator

The Group has developed the medium- and long-term management strategy from 2012 to 2014.
Based on the strategy, our targeted management indicator is as follows:

- Recurring profit margin more than 8.0% (final year/2014)

Medium- and Long-Term Management Strategies

The Group has striven to expand its business as a solution provider in the CAE and IT areas. The Group will also strive to raise its corporate value by utilizing its competitive advantages in the CAE solution business area, developing new areas, and providing even higher value-added and quality solutions.
Under these basic policies, the Group will pursue the following management strategies.

  1. Developing and providing unique solutions with new value

    Developing complex/multiple solutions (multi-domain solutions) extended over various domains

  2. Creating and expanding markets for system-level simulation (1D simulation)

    Developing an environment of system-level simulation (*1)by using high performance physical modeling and simulation tool, “MapleSim"
    *1:system-level simulation: Methodology to simulate various functions that control object such as a car, a vessel, a machine tool and robot has with integration and high speed

  3. Understanding various needs and improving support by creation of deep communication opportunity with the customer

    Improving support of engineering service
    Promoting corporate contract

  4. Accelerating global development for group products and solutions

    Strengthening of sales subsidiaries in China and Taiwan
    Strengthening of sales structure in North America and Europe

Subjects Cybernet should address

The Group will address the following business subjects for stable and continous growth.

  1. The Group will address develop and provide unique solutions with new value, strengthen product competitiveness of affiliate software vendor, and extend value-added business by the engineering service
  2. The Group will improve business efficiency (recurring profit) by adopting new work style depending on work, reducing fixed costs by developing the work space, and developing internal common work from re-examining segregation of duties
  3. The Group will provide complex/multiple solutions extended over various domains and improve support to meet various needs of customers, and will improve and establish a suitable system and process to deliver the above solutions to our customers efficientlhe Group will provide most suitable solution to each customer.
  4. The Group will make each role/responsibility of affiliate software distributor and affiliate software vendor clear and improve the management by creation of communication opportunity. Furthermore the Group will strive to maximize synergy between group companies by confirming progress of the business plan precisely and efficiently.